Instant Reward on minting

Your journey with Crypto Vibrant Arrows Collection begins by owning an NFT and receiving an instant reward. Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure where creativity knows no bounds.

As a token of gratitude for minting our NFTs, we’re excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to craft your very own personalized NFT. Capture your most cherished memories – whether it’s a special moment, a favorite photo, or a heartfelt message – and transform it into a digital masterpiece on the Polygon Blockchain.

The creation of your personalized NFT, which typically costs around $100, is completely complimentary, courtesy of Crypto Vibrant Arrows. With this unique offering, we invite you to unleash your creativity and make your mark in the Metaverse.

Join us on the journey to the Metaverse and let your creativity soar! With Crypto Vibrant Arrows, your NFT ownership is just the beginning – it’s an invitation to explore, create, and connect in a world where imagination knows no limits.

0.0 ETH( Free Nft Mint), 0.025 ETH(NFT Sale Price)

Free NFT minting is limited to a maximum of 3 per wallet address, with no limit on NFT minting after the sale begins.

To mint a free NFT, first, navigate to the minting DAPP web app and select the “Mint” option from the menu or click on the “Mint” button. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the minting DAPP. If there are available free mint NFTs, which total 301, simply click on the mint button and pay the gas fees to claim your free NFT.

Personalized NFTs refer to unique digital tokens customized or tailored specifically for individual holders. These NFTs serve as digital representations of personal memories (images with unique messages) or any other instances on the blockchain, each with its individual smart contract.

The giveaway entails creating one free personalized NFT on Polygon Blockchain for all holders. These NFTs will be minted and sent to CryptoVibrantArrows NFT holders. The cost of creating each personalized NFT is approximately $100, and it will be covered by us.

We will be Collaborating with prominent Metaverse organizations to deploy our NFTs as signboards in their Metaverse.

For the authenticity of each NFT, we have implemented a Provenance record similar to that of Bored Ape Yacht Club, ensuring that each NFT is unique and nearly impossible to duplicate.